It was only 12 years ago that Chickenstones began their campaign to distress Sydney with their particular take on a dirtier type of ’50s rock’n’roll.

Barely pausing, Doc Temple Ellard, Preacher Van Ruin, Oil Magnate Kelly with varying associates came to eye the burbs surrounding their Northern Beaches lair with a jaundiced air, settling their forceful din into a sort of persistent bayou infection.

Having ultimately spread this with shows played from Brisbane, Melbourne, across Bass Straight to Hobart along with 2 EPs and 5 Albums,  (including a vinyl release of the album ‘Johnny Streetlight’ in Europe with French label Les Disques Basil)  Chickenstones currently filthy-up stages where-ever folk gather to rock the night away, whether they have a hankering for strong gut-rot or they’re nursing a bruised heart.

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